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About Ås Musical Club

It’s a very simple thing to establish a musical club – especially when it’s headed by three such like-minded enthusiasts as Harriet Müller-Tyl, Trond Nielsen and Myfanwy Moore. One meeting over coffees at the only decent bar in the village, a photo to commemorate the event, and it was done. Next on the agenda? To set up their first musical. On faith and internet sales “Haunted: the musical” ascended into being, and on its opening (and closing) night the musical performed to a sell-out audience, a standing ovation, and even, critical acclaim! Why Ås musical club? It’s where they live. Why musicals? They love musicals. Ås musical club simply aims to put on quality productions that are designed to move and entertain. Future plans include further performances of “Haunted”, and they are already working on their next production. As the saying goes…to be continued!

Harriet Müller-Tyl

Harriet Müller-Tyl


Harriet Müller-Tyl

97 95 78 98

Trond E. Nielsen


Trond E. Nielsen

97 14 31 37

Myfanwy K. Moore


Myfanwy K. Moore

93 46 41 25

The Latest News

Når vi døde våkner

Et musikkspill basert på Henrik Ibsens siste og mest gåtefulle skuespill.

Den verdenskjente billedhugger Arnold Rubek er på ferie i Norge med sin kone. De håper begge at et opphold på norsk jord kan gi ny næring til forholdet. Men på badehotellet dukker det opp en kvinne fra Rubeks fortid: Irene, som en gang sto modell for hans mest berømte skulptur….


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See pictures from Haunted 2018

Here you can see some pictures from Haunted the musical 2018. We like to thank Roy Hansen for these pictures See more pictures

The Book of Dreams

Foto: Bonsak Hammerås (fra Ås Avis) Endelig har vi avslørt tittel på den nye musikalen vår som skal lanseres i nov 2019. The Book of Dreams. Det ble en stor [...]

A new Musical in progress…

A NEW MUSICAL IN PROGRESS The great response we received for Haunted The Musical has been a creative muse, and we have started writing a new musical. We [...]

Haunted The Musical 2018

Haunted The Musical a huge success

Our first production Haunted The Musical was a huge success. The musical performed to a sell-out audience, a standing ovation, and even, critical acclaim!


What a fantastic performance. I’ll be coming back next year!!

Torgrim Tollagsen Røiseland

Had a fantastic evening at the Ås Arts and Event Centre yesterday. The musical Haunted was a great production. Amazing melodies and songs, incredible soloists and actors, choir and dancers, rocking sound. Simply incredibly professional.

Jon E. Nielsen


Kjersti Nordskaug
Take me to www.hauntedthemusical.no


Dont miss our new musical in 2021
More information coming soon

The Book Of Dreams 2020



Harriet Muller Tyl: +47 97 95 78 98

Trond E. Nielsen: +47 97 14 31 37

Myfanwy K. Moore: +47 93 46 41 25


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